Bedeutung Lockdown für Kinder

Es zeigt sich, dass viele Corona als Bedrohung für Ihre Zukunft sehen und dass die Schüler, die von den Schulen nicht betreut wurden, Angst haben den Anschluss nicht zu schaffen.

Die Antworten haben wir gesammelt und zusammengefasst.

– It means that I will never achieve my dreams because of this corona.

– Corona killed my dreams for the future.

– It means to me there will be no future for the children

– No, I did not get any  information because I did not have money to buy the data bundles to access the information. And I am afraid that I will have to repeat grade 10 because of this gap that
was caused by corona

-I will continue to study hard because it is boring to stay at home and doing nothing. I want to finish with my school.

– It means to me there is no education.

– I would continue to study because I want to have a better life” Because I want to put out my family to this situation that it is on to”

– I didn´t receive study material from the school. I am afraid of a study gap because it would be difficult to catch up the things we are doing at school”

– I didn´t get any information and I couldn´t study too. And I´m afraid to be left behind because now I don´t know how far are we”

– I did not get information at school, but I was able to study my books at home. I am stressing a lot because I might have fallen behind with other school work. I will try to catch up by attending
school every day and listen to my teachers.

– My dream is to finish school and to go to university and become a better person in life and change my home situation”